Pilates Reformer for REAL people



I first started going to a pilates reformer class in 2009  when I was needing something of my own.  Married with a 2 year old I was feeling out of touch with who I was and needing a fitness routine.  I came across Pilates by Robyn and her style and friendly, welcoming classes had me hooked by the first session.  I soon signed up for 3 classes/week and purchased the studio from her over a decade later when she moved out of state.  This single change in my life has opened so many doors for me, less pain from previous injuries, more energy, and a chance to reinvent myself going into my 40's.  I've made priceless friendships and found kindred spirits here. People in my studio are much more than clients to me, they are friends, and I look forward to welcoming you into our studio.

My style is unconventional compared to traditional Pilates. I like to combine new exercises and techniques to change things up and keep classes interesting and fun! It is a fantastic workout for all fitness levels. I am able to combine beginner and advanced level students in the same class, while moving each person along at their own individual pace. Class sizes are small, we have only 6 Reformers, but if you prefer private sessions, those are available also. Come try a class to see if you like it! The first class is free, so there is no obligation; just come have fun, and make some new friends!